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Computer Vision
Glimpse has developed a simple plug-in sensor for physical retailers that uses computer vision and device tracking to analyse shopper profiles and behaviours in-store. The Benefits Footfall Shopper Age Shopper Engagement Shopper Gender Shopper Movement In-Store Loyalty/Return Rates
How does It All Work?

A Glimpse Sensor is placed at the entrance and/or on key aisles to your selected stores. The only component visible is a 4x4cm image sensor, usually mounted on the ceiling. 

Technology that just works

Once connected to power the Glimpse sensor uses facial detection and mobile device tracking to analyse every single shopper in-store.

Meet With Glimpse

Set up a call so that we can go into a little more detail on how Glimpse can meet your business needs.

Set Up Pilot

Select key stores to begin measurement to see the level of actionable consumer data that Glimpse makes available.

Glimpse Installers Go To Work

The Glimpse installation team visit each premises, no prior work, electricians or network teams required. Glimpse technicians typically install each sensor within 30 minutes with no distruption to customers.

smart Sensor Activates

Once installed, Glimpse will immediatly start to analyse shoppers that walk by. It does this using facial detection algorithms and mobile device tracking.

Data Becomes available Online

Usually within a day shopper data becomes available on the Glimpse Customer Portal. Here you can log into your dashboard to view the data being collected across all of your locations.

Insights Drive Revenues

Actionable data is available on every level of your business, from store management being able to access their own store data, to marketing and operations having a complete view of the chain. Your business will use this data every day to drive decisions for your bottom line.

Shopper Data Access

Glimpse Web Portal

Glimpse customers can access data through an online interactive dashboard. Different levels of access can be granted throughout an organisation, from store management to c-level operations. Have complete control of your shopper data.

Automated Reporting

Glimpse can analyse the data that is important for your organisation and compile it into automated weekly/monthly reports. Receive shopper data reports via email to bring into your management meetings.


Outbound API & SMS

Glimpse has an extensive API that can connect to your existing data management/BI platform. As well as this Glimpse assumes third-party data such as ePOS and Weather. An automated weekly SMS can be sent to store management informing them on footfall or other key customer metrics.

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