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'Brick-and-Mortar' Retailers
Glimpse gives you reliable shopper data for your physical stores at the click of a button Benefits
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Glimpse Data Drives Revenues

Glimpse analyses shoppers as they enter a premises, returning actionable meta-data via The Glimpse Portal. This is accessible to store management, marketing and operations. 

What is Glimpse?
A Smart Sensor For Shopper Insights

Glimpse is an IoT sensor that is installed in a physical retail premises that surveys shoppers and delivers online, actionable meta-data. Glimpse can be retro-fit to any store or premises, installation takes only 15* minutes, no wifi or network cables required.

Responsible, Reliable Data Collection
Computer Vision In Retail
The world's leading retailers are using glimpse to drive revenues and compete with e-commerce
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Glimpse allows retailers to measure incremental changes to marketing, store layouts, promotions and more based on the profiles and behaviour of the shoppers walking in the door

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